Red Duck started  in 2005 when the craft beer movement was just beginning. Our aim has always been to rebel against the mass market, commercialised versions of beer, and make real craft beer. We have been pioneering beer style awareness, the history of real craft beers, revelling in beer and food matching and championing the variety that beer can offer. We love real craft beer for its variety, flavours and benefits. We love that real craft beer is regaining its rightful place in the beer market, and that bland, adulterated, fizzy commercial beers are being drunk less.

At Red Duck we have a proud tradition of being at the forefront of real craft beer innovation. We explore history for forgotten styles and tastes, we explore the garden for new and traditional ingredients to add, we invent new brewing techniques, or re-invent long forgotten ones. We brew for the sake of creating amazing beers that may offer new experiences and perspective. We have brewed many beers to recognised styles, and many beers that are unique.

When we brew a new beer, we want it to be the best there is, even if it’s an extreme style or a regular sessionable beer. Which means that we want you to enjoy it.

We are definitely an Artisan brewery, we culture our own yeasts for some special beers, we love sours and Lambics, we barrel age certain beers, sometimes splitting a brew into freshly bottled, and the rest into oak for months to compare. We add fruits, herbs, gruits, spices, even seaweed into some beers. We use a sour yeast for some ales, and naturally sour other beers. We make an increasingly diverse range of amazing beers, using a diverse range of ingredients as inspiration, as well as ancient history and traditional beer styles from around the world.

But we also make modern ales, everyday sessionable, “keep a 6 pack handy in the fridge” ales. The beers in our regular range are similar to many other craft beers.. but we are one of the very few breweries that doesn’t filter or use any artificial chemicals in the brewing process. We don’t pasteurise our beers and we hand bottle, with a final fermentation in the bottle (or keg) which ensures a very long shelf life for our beers.

We proudly say that as we use a simple, traditional, labour intensive, small batch brewing process, that all our all natural beers last longer, taste better and are healthier for you.

When you drink a Red Duck, you are part of the real craft beer revolution.

Rebel against commercialised bland beers. Rebel against the mass marketing of commercial brands, Rebel against the established un-truths!

Revel in the wonderful, healthy beer you hold in your hands. Revel in the fact that real craft beer has flavour, revel in the character, revel in the differences!

Love real craft beer, love life.

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