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Upcoming Events and Christmas offers

Our special Christmas offers for 2016 – each pack includes free postage in Australia.

Pack 1 – Brewdolph the Red Nosed Reinbeer

This beauty offers something for the person just starting to explore the craft beer scene. Nothing too challenging – just beery deliciousness.
Pack includes 2 of each of these – White Garden, Saison, Munich Lager, Bandicoot, Neck*er & City of Umber
Price $89 plus FREE freight

Pack 2 – 12 Ducks are quacking

This pack is perfect for the person who loves trying different styles. There is an explosion of different flavours and styles in this one.
Pack includes 1 of each of these – Ulysses, Hammerhead, Bikki Bikki, Big Licky, Cousin Iti, White Garden, Saison, Munich Lager, Bandicoot, Neck*er, City of Umber & Hodor Hodor
Price $99 plus FREE freight
To order simply email – and we can arrange payment and delivery details.
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