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Big Licky 500ml bottle WEB 1332 copy
Big Licky 500ml bottle WEB 1332 copy

Big Licky

Licorice Stout 8% av

Red Duck Big Licky is an all natural Licorice Stout, and is the BIG version of our legendary Licky: a Licorice Lager. We use organic dried licorice roots, sarsparilla roots, aniseed myrtle and licorice root powder.

There is a sinsiter dark blend of heavy malts, including a few crystals, roast barley, midnight wheat and a bit of hopping from Topaz, EKG, and Simcoe.

Expect great licorice aromas, and a big tasty dark ale. One that you will lick your lips over, again and again and again.


Alcohol Content: 8% a/v
Bottle Volume: 500ml
Category: .

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