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Blue Monday


And I still find it so hard To say what I need to say But I’m quite sure that you’ll tell me Just how I should feel today…

1983: New Order, Blue Monday
2013: Red Duck Blue Monday Belgian Tripel

30 years ago, about the time that real craft beer was facing extinction, a new order emerged. At Red Duck we feel we are part of the revolution that has brought real ales back to life, so here is a homage beer, a simple little Belgian Tripel, to be enjoyed on any day, and we can say thanks to New Order for giving us Blue Monday.

Strong, rich “Belgian” flavours, white spice, a hint of fusel alcohol, rich malts, all wrapped up in a deep golden amber ale, thats very typically a Belgian Tripel, and equally sessionable.

Alcohol Content: 7.8% a/v
Bottle Volume: 330ml
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