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Boppel Duck



7.1% a/v
330ml bottle

Red Duck Boppel Duck is a Bavarian styled Doppel Bock, a stronger, maltier and darker lager than the usual run of the mill boring lagers.

Doppel means double, which refers to the strength… We have brewed this lager with plenty of German ingredients, and, unusual for Red Duck, with a lager yeast too! So it is a real lager, which took a healthy 6 months to complete.

Doppel Bocks have always been brewed as part of German traditions and have always been part of any festival worth celebrating.
Red Duck Boppel Duck is the perfect strong session beer, with a lot of malt interest, complexity and soft to moderate hoping.

Alcohol Content: 7.1% a/v
Bottle Volume: 330ml
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