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City of Umber 500ml bottle WEB 1332 copy
City of Umber 500ml bottle WEB 1332 copy

City of Umber

Brown Ale 4.8% av

Red Duck City of Umber is a modest Brown Ale, with rich, malt driven flavours from an awesome grain bill. It is the sort of Winter session beer that is ideal for knocking back by the fire. Toasty, malty, delicious brown beery goodness.

Umber is the brown you get when as an impoverished, struggling artist, you burn your failed paintings, dried up brushes and a broken chair in an attempt to keep warm in winter. Even the fire doesn’t work, just smoulders and goes out. So you do too, and spend your welfare on a few beers at the local instead. Damn the established… and then somewhere before you hit the bottom of the pint, there is inspiration.

Alcohol Content: 4.8% a/v
Bottle Volume: 500ml
Category: .

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