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Coastal GOSE 500ml bottle WEB 1332 copy
Coastal GOSE 500ml bottle WEB 1332 copy

Coastal Gose

Red Duck Coastal Gose is a totally relaxing, fall asleep on the beach, floating out to sea on a lilo, summer holidays that go on for-ever kind of beer.

Croozin’ by in a 1950s motorboat, or drifting along in an inflatable canoe, whatever, just hugging the coastline and chillin’ sort of beer.

Yes it has Samphire in it, and a few dangles of Finger Lime, yes it is a Go-Sah styled beer, which is a nifty German brew, invented by people who wished they had beaches, sand and long, long, hot summer holidays…

Alcohol Content: 3.7% a/v
Bottle Volume: 500ml
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