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WEB Dude,YSMC! 500ml bottle
WEB Dude,YSMC! 500ml bottle

Dude, you smoked my cherry!

Red Duck Dude, You Smoked My Cherry! is an ale with American influences. Starting with a Cherry Wood Smoked malt, we also brewed with Rye and Red Wheat, and added a load of fresh cherries. After the usual fermentation we barrel aged in American Oak for 2 months, then transferred back to a stainless steel tank, added some USA Cherries and fermented for another month.

Its softly smokey, faintly fruity like an ale with some cherries in it, and totally … Dude!!

Its an American Red Ale, or maybe its a pale Rauch bier? or maybe its a Rye fruit ale? You call it what you want, we call it Dude!

Alcohol Content: 6.8% a/v
Bottle Volume: 500ml
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