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WEB Forest Gnaume 500ml bottle
WEB Forest Gnaume 500ml bottle

Forest Gnaume

Barrel Aged Lambic Ale

Red Duck Forest Gnaume is a hybrid Lambic ale, that was made with many different yeasts, including some weird nasty ones that would make a normal brewer run away in tears, perhaps hiding in a forest until it was safe to come out. We did. This feisty, ugly, funky Gnaume was stuffed into oak for 12 months, and like some sort of magic fairy tale, has emerged as Prince Charming.

This release is from one barrel, the beer was 6 months in the making and then another 12 months in oak. Its unlikely that you will ever see a beer as rare and as wonderful as this ever again. We might get around to making another barrel aged Lambic like this in a few years, but it will never be the same.

Alcohol Content: 6.2% a/v
Bottle Volume: 330ml
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