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WEB forsaken 500ml bottle
WEB forsaken 500ml bottle


Japanese Red Sake Ale

Red Duck Forsaken is a really simple dark red ale, which is very sessionable and belies its unique origins. Made from black rice, red rice, white rice, oats and malt barley, then we added roast wattleseeds and Nori seaweed. Then unusually, the brew was fermented with a famous sake yeast, which we lovingly and carefully cultured up from a small sample.

If the essence of craft brewing is to use complex and unusual ingredients, to experiment with new techniques, and combine them in a way that produces a sublime beer, that shows no sign of its unusual origins, then Forsaken is crafted perfection.

Forsaken was our GABS beer for 2014.

Alcohol Content: 6.3% a/v
Bottle Volume: 500ml
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