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WEB GROAK 500ml bottle
WEB GROAK 500ml bottle


Red Duck Groak is a beer made with no hops! Instead we used yarrow, wormwood, mugwort, dandelion leaf, sweet dried orange peel, lemon balm, elderflowers, hibiscus flowers and hawthorn berries.
In exploring the history of gruit ales, we have previously made the Medieval “Canute the Gruit”, then a Renaissance “Gruiter”, and a modern gruit ale, called the “Gruitest”. Ingredients for Gruitest as above.
We reserved a little bit of the Gruitest and barrel aged it in a hogshead for 6 months.. Gruitest + Oak = Groak
Complex herbal and floral notes, slightly sour and a bit “oaky”. Its just wonderful and delicious in a completely ancient way.

Alcohol Content: 6.3% a/v
Bottle Volume: 500ml
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