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WEB Loch Ness 500ml bottle
WEB Loch Ness 500ml bottle

Loch Ness

Scotch Ale Aged In Whisky Conditioned Barrels

Red Duck Loch Ness is a strong Scotch ale, with a complex malt base, low hopping, extended boil time for more caramelisation, and matured in oak barrels that were whisky conditioned (with a very good single malt) for 6 months.

Loch Ness has soft oaky, whisky notes, rounded malty characters and a subtle caramel bitterness. Only 400 litres produced, so very rare, and special.

Our first batch of Loch Ness was released in the winter of 2010, to much acclaim. Its taken this long to get around to brewing another batch!

Alcohol Content: 6.7% a/v
Bottle Volume: 500ml
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