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Pale Rider

Hops, hops and more hops. Starting with our regular Pale Ale as the benchmark, we nearly doubled our usual hopping quantities of American hops Cascade and Centennial, and then we cold infused the fresh wort through Galaxy hop flowers. This “triple hoped” ale is our tribute to some of the amazing brews coming out of US craft breweries.

To ensure some balance, we increased the malt bill slightly, and added a touch more caramalt, which gives Red Duck Pale Rider a beautiful golden amber glow. Of course an American ale yeast was used, which has a really gentle, smooth fermentation, and slightly drier finish than our regular British ale yeasts we use for other ales. Rich, strong and fresh hop aromas lift readily, slightly bitter at the start and with a much stronger bitter finish. We calculate this ale has around 43 IBUs, which is just about perfect for this style of beer.

Hop heads will love it, and we hope that very soon beers like this will take over from regular pale ales, because we are hop heads too. Try one and compare to our regular pale ale (around 28 IBUs), and our other hoppy ale, Bengal IPA, which is a stronger, more malty beer, with about 65 IBUs, but equally balanced.

If you aren’t used to a lot of hops in your ale, it may be surprising, possibly even shocking, but once you get the taste for more hops, there is no looking back.

Saddle up!

Alcohol Content: 5.6% a/v
Bottle Volume: 330ml
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