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Queen Bee


Dark amber colour, made with a good amount of a secret, dark and mysterious bush honey. The honey had aromas and flavours of apricots and raisins, we also used a blend of traditional and roast malts, and the hops used add underlying notes of plum pudding.

The honey we select is hard to come by, as it must not contain any honey gathered from Eucalyptus. In some seasons we can not get the right honey, so can not make Queen Bee. One more reason why Red Duck Queen Bee is one of the most sought after ales in the country.

Our Brewer Scott talks about why we call this amazing ale Queen Bee: “The name comes from my great grandfather’s champion yacht, Queen Bee, 27’6” which dominated races on the Norfolk and Oulton Broads in the early 1920’s. At the time the Colby family were prominent boat builders, with a long nautical history in Suffolk and Norfolk. I like to
think that our family ancestry on the Colby side traces back to the court of Raedwald, the first great Anglo-Saxon king.

After a visit to his final resting place at Sutton Hoo, just south of Colby territory, it really inspired me to think about the types of ales that would have been enjoyed in the halls of kings around those times”.

Alcohol Content: 6.6% a/v
Bottle Volume: 330ml
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