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Dark Egyptian Bread Beer

Red Duck RA#4 is a beer very much unlike any other beer you have ever had before, unless you have had one of our previous RA beers. RA#4 might remind you of RA#2, or not. Be warned, that RA#4 is a very extreme beer. Its really
quite weird, even if we do say so.

The yeast: cultured up from RA#2 in a big wet gooey dough, something you could bake and make a sour dough bread
from. But that would kill the beast, um, yeast. The grain: Dark Rye, Spelt, Oats, Rolled Barley, Malted wheat,
raw wheat, pale malt Barley, Caramalt and Roast Barley. Mashed, not boiled. Some other additions: Organic dried plum syrup, lots of dried dates, dried orange peel, dried Cranberries, Sumac and a wonderful spice mix from Gewurzhaus called “Duck Duck Goose”. No hops.

The beer: sort of fruity, obviously sour, and possibly still giving some reminders that Camels are “the ship of the
desert”. The first pour is cloudy – there are some weird proteins hanging around the top of the bottle, but it gets clearer as it goes. Dark of course, moderately sour to taste, and beats your palette senseless from so many directions.
Like a Camel ride, you can say stop! But it stops when it wants to. Buckle up and hang on. Its a freak of nature. A freaking beautiful freak.

Only 860 bottles

Alcohol Content: 8.4% a/v
Bottle Volume: 330ml
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