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WEB TOPAZ 500ml bottle-1
WEB TOPAZ 500ml bottle-1


Red Duck Topaz is a single hop, session ale. That hop would be Topaz of course, a new Australian gem… Topaz is like East Kent Goldings, soft floral aromas, grassy, summery, and with higher Alphas than EKG, so Topaz is more assertive.

Red Duck Topaz, the ale, has moderate malt and obvious hop characters. Expect some bitterness in the finish, and the hops will remind you of English meadows, summery beer gardens in Kent, warm, lazy holidays and soft earthy notes. Think of long grass, and hot, breezy afternoons lying under a shady tree…

Alcohol Content: 4.7% a/v
Bottle Volume: 500ml
Category: .

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