Regular BrewsEasy Tiger – amber ale


Easy Tiger is a full flavoured traditional English style amber ale.



Easy Tiger is an amber ale made in a more traditional English style, with a malt profile that pays homage to the great ESBs of London and Suffolk. Like a great English pub ale in a way, by style these are called Bitters, but which should not be confused with any commercial Australian beers called bitter (which are not Bitters). Thats why we call our beer Amber.

Easy Tiger is lightly hopped, so its not bitter. The focus is to explore rich and sweet malt characters. Notes of butterscotch, toffee and caramel, from a range of malts, can all be discovered. A blend of traditional ale malt and specialty roast malts give our Amber its characteristic colour and flavour. Moderate amounts of the traditional noble hop East Kent Goldings complete the balance. This is a full flavoured ale that is generous and rewarding.